Immobilier en Provence, Cévennes et Ardèche : maisons et propriétés

Uzes - Barjac - Goudargues

In the heart of exceptional nature

At the end of the garden a Florentine Cyprus cuts a naked flame and, through the open window, I can smell the natural scents carried by the breeze. In short, all the charm of the dizzying ballet of flowers, with the exhilarating perfume of jasmine enveloping the trellis. Can one escape such emotion?

Then there are the works of carved stone – these farmhouses and manor houses, with their spontaneous architecture, raised and enlarged by necessity, these ships which have travelled the centuries of time to offer witness to an era which the current times indulgently maintain and sustain.

The Gard, one of the most beautiful regions of Occitania, with the nearby summer Ardèche, are rich in countless cultural and leisure activities. Fairs and markets such as that of the Place aux Herbes in Uzès, the first duchy of France, the Antiques Fair or the Chanson de Paroles festival in Barjac and the descent of the Ardèche by canoe from Vallon Pont d'Arc the beautiful summer. A real satisfaction to drink a very cold beer in the shade of the plane trees of the village of Goudargues, the Venice of the Gard! And always the proximity of amenities, bakers, butchers, vegetable sellers, restaurateurs etc… all equally concerned about the quality of service.

It was in 1989 that the first agency of the BOTELLA and Sons group was created, before becoming a family business in which Olivier and Julien BOTELLA have taken a considerable part in its development. After more than thirty years of existence, there are now three agencies efficiently positioned in the region to offer service and advice. With an international dimension, thanks to our partnership with “Who’s Who in Real Estate” and our colleagues in other countries, the texts of our advertising are translated by professional translators and are thus visible on numerous real estate websites around the world.

We follow our selling mandates with passion, always respecting the personal investment involved and the heritage of one of the most beautiful regions of France.

  • Botella et Fils Immobilier

  • 30700 UZES 12,14 et 16 boulevard Gambetta

  • 30430 Barjac Place du docteur roques
  • Phone :

  • 30630 Goudargues 5 place Martial Bonnefond
  • Phone :
Tout client de l'agence PROVENCE CEVENNES IMMOBILIER a le droit de saisir gratuitement un médiateur en cas de litige avec celle-ci.
Les coordonnées sont les suivantes : MEDIMMOCONSO : 1 Allée du Parc de Mesemena - Bât A - CS 25222 - 44505 LA BAULE CEDEX -

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